Posted on July 4, 2012 • Posted in Philanthropy

A newly released report on philanthropy is providing insight into what is motivating donors to give this year.

According to Raymund Flandez, who reviewed the report for, “Donors are tuning out [the poor economy] plea as they become more financially stable and want to support organizations that achieve strong results…”

Other key findings in the study are:

  • Donors make a budget for their giving but often don’t stick to it.  In fact, the majority of donors end up giving more than they planned.
  • Signing donors up to a monthly giving program does help cash flow, but it also automates the process and removes the emotion from writing a check.  Therefore, monthly donors do not become major donors as regularly as once believed.
  • People 55 and over are significantly savvier about the internet than they were just five years ago and are using it as a tool to guide their philanthropic decisions.  It is important for charities to have a web presence that is consistent in brand and messaging.

The report, which was compiled by Cygnus Applied Research after surveying nearly 12,000 donors in the U.S. and Canada, is available for download.  Raymund Flandez’s complete article can be read here.