Hammond is atypical among nonprofit consultants.  Partners in counsel, Chuck Hammond and Virginia Fallis, bring a depth of understanding and hands-on performance that others may promise yet rarely deliver.  From Hammond, you can be assured to gain not only a disciplined and realistic perspective on NON-PROFIT MANAGEMENT, CAMPAIGN STRATEGY and EXECUTION, you will also achieve access to higher levels of thinking and understanding of philanthropy in the current era.  Hammond eschews the gimmicks and glad-handing that are all too familiar in this business.  Instead, this firm emphasizes and delivers in-depth understanding and practical solutions to the challenges facing nonprofits today.  If you are looking for a consultant, you might easily overlook Hammond.  But if you’re looking for an effective and enjoyable partner, YOU NEED NOT LOOK FURTHER


What We Do

To get your fundraising house in order, Hammond offers all the expertise you’ll ever need. We offer a range of services and can provide a consulting package that fits your budget.  We’ll even let you know what to expect in advance of bringing us in to help.

Is Hammond Right for You?

“Done” is not good enough.  At Hammond, we believe that doing things the right way pays off and puts you in a much stronger position to sustain your fundraising success.

Ask Hammond

A great resource for fundraising professionals and nonprofit leadership.  Have a question about Hammond & Associates, philanthropy, campaigns, nonprofit management, governance, or anything related?  Ask us.

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At an inauguration …

C. David Campbell and David Page


Hammond & Associates is saddened by the passing of C. David Campbell and David Page.  For many years, we had the distinct pleasure of working closely with these two extraordinary.. read more

Where’s Hammond?


In the kitchen with Michael Symon and The Greening of Detroit.